[English] Moscow will begin testing innovative bus-down chargers for electric buses


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On November 13, Moscow will begin testing new bus-down chargers for electric buses. Together with the FSUE NAMI State Research Center, the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development of Moscow has launched this pilot project with installing innovative charging station with bus-down pantograph at the subsidiary Mosgortrans urban surface public transport operator. On this point, two electric buses have been equipped with special contact rails that are adapted to the new charging infrastructure.

Bus-down pantograph provides top-down contact with the electric bus. It is located on the charging station, while contact rails are situated on the roof of the electric bus. The pantograph lowers onto the contact rails and charges the vehicle. This kind of innovative technology will lighten the electric bus and reduce the cost of e-buses. Moreover, the technology assumes the use of two-way Wi-Fi communication.

The new electric transport will operate on the bus route №791. Moscow plans to test the innovative technology until February in order to test the charging operation in the conditions of Russian winter. After this test, the authorities will make further decisions on the use and the purchase of the electric charging station with bus-down pantograph.

«Moscow will become the first city in Russia to start testing charging stations with bus-down pantographs. This technology allows for charging any kind of freight and commercial electric vehicles that can be used for the needs of the city. In addition, the transportation of the pantograph to the charging station will help to reduce the cost of electric buses. The Moscow Mayor has instructed the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development of Moscow to test it very carefully. After the testing we will make a decision whether to implement this innovative charging infrastructure or not», — said Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

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